your journey

to solar


– next steps

We hope you’re as excited as we are about being powered by the sun. We’re even more thrilled that you’ve chosen us as your trusted solar partner. Together we can get you powering your home with clean, green, renewable solar energy. 

Your solar system is likely to be one of your biggest investments and one of your most valuable assets. We want to reassure you that we are here for you for the life of your system, for decades to come.

We want to make sure you understand the next steps and various stages on this exciting journey – from the moment you say “yes!” to going solar, to what happens while we get ready for your install, the install itself and on to aftercare and ongoing support.


Use the table below to navigate through the various steps and stages:


table of contents


1. proposal accepted


2. final checks


3. approval from your lines company


4. install day


5. sending your final invoice


6. signing off your system


7. switching your meter


8. reimbursing your meter


9. sending over your documents


10. getting the most out of your system

Lightforce aerial solar photo auckland

1. planning your install

pushing go

When you’re happy with your solar system design, we’ll send you a 50% deposit request. Once you’ve paid that, we’ll swing into action.

final checks

We’ll check that we have all the info we need – like your power bill and switchboard photos. If not, we’ll reach out.

approval from your lines company

Next, we’ll apply for Distributed Generation (DG) approval from your lines company. Once we get that, we can book in your install.

This stage depends on how quickly your lines company can give us approval, which varies from region to region and could take up to 30 working days.

2. installing your system

hooray, it’s install day

This is when things get exciting. Our solar installers and electricians will head over and install your solar system.

It usually takes us 1–2 days, but we might need longer if your system’s bigger or more complicated.

sending your final invoice

Once we’ve finished the install, we’ll send you an invoice for the final 50%. You’re now set up to use the sun’s energy to power your home.

But before you can start using solar, we need an independent electrical inspector to sign off your system. We’ll book this for you, so you don’t have to do anything. But we’ll call you within a week of your install anyway to have a chat and answer any questions.

3. getting you up and running

signing off your system

We’ll ask an independent electrical inspector to check your system and make sure it meets regulations. If things look good, the inspector will sign things off and you’re safe to turn your system on and start running on solar.

switching your meter

After we’ve installed your system, we’ll also ask your power company to switch your current meter for a new import-export meter. While you wait for them to install it, you can start using the sun’s energy to power your home, assuming the inspector has signed off your system. You just won’t get export credits for the solar you send back to the grid until your new meter arrives.

reimbursing your meter

A charge for your new meter will show up on your next power bill, but we cover this. So just send us a copy of the bill along with your bank account details and we’ll reimburse you.

sending over your documents

Once your system has been inspected and approved/signed off, we will send over your document pack, certificate of compliance, and record of inspection.

4. getting the most out of your system

light on your pocket and the planet

Now you’re up and running, you’ll see just how much you’re saving on power every day. And it’s not just dollars and cents; you’re reducing your environmental footprint too. High five.

understanding your monitoring system

If we’ve installed solar monitoring with your system, it will take about 4–6 weeks to fully calibrate. After that, you’ll get accurate readings on how much energy you’re producing, using, storing and sending back to the grid.

always here to help

We’re here for you for the lifetime of your system, for decades to come. We also have direct access to your monitoring platform. So if there are any issues, we can fix them from our headquarters or via our local teams. Whether you’re in Northland or Otago, help is never far away.

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