your journey

to solar

– next steps

We hope you’re as excited as we are about being powered by the sun. We’re even more thrilled that you’ve chosen us as your trusted solar partner. Together we can get you powering your home with clean, green, renewable solar energy. 

Your solar system is likely to be one of your biggest investments and one of your most valuable assets. We want to reassure you that we are here for you for the life of your system, for decades to come.

We want to make sure you understand the next steps and various stages on this exciting journey – from the moment you say “yes!” to going solar, to what happens while we get ready for your install, the install itself and on to aftercare and ongoing support.


Use the table below to navigate through the various steps and stages:


table of contents


1. proposal accepted


2. deposit paid


3. DG approved


4. 50% of system paid for


5. installation complete


6. final bill payment


7. welcome to the family


8. meter replacement


9. inspection required


10. monitoring system


11. system documentation


12. finished - tell your friends and family

Lightforce aerial solar photo auckland

plan to install

1. you’ve accepted your system proposal

Congratulations! You’ve accepted your solar proposal and you’ll receive a deposit request from our accounts team.

2. you’ve paid your deposit

Once you’ve paid your 50% system deposit, we can get going. We’ll check that we have all the info we need to keep things moving (power bill, photos of your switchboard etc.) – if not, one of our team will be in touch.

Next up, we’ll apply for a Distributed Generation (DG) Approval from your regional lines company. This process varies a lot from region to region and can take up to 30 working days (generally quicker than this, however).

3. your DG application has been approved

We’ve received the DG approval from your lines company which means we can go ahead and book your solar system installation.

4. on the day of your install

This is the day your system goes in! Our installation team will head to your place on the day we booked your install. They will be there for most of the day, sometimes longer, to get your system installed and up and running.

5. your installation is now complete

Your solar system will be up and running and delivering value from day one following the completion of your install.

6. payment of your final bill is

now due

When we have finished the install itself, we will send over your invoice for the final 50% of your system.

7. welcome to the lightforce family!

Within the first week of install, our customer care team will have a quick chat and send you an email confirming your next steps – also detailed below.

post install – phase 2

8. your meter replacement

Now that your install is complete, we will contact your current electricity retailer to apply for your meter replacement i.e. your current meter will be replaced by an import-export meter that can recognise the excess solar you are exporting to the grid (which your power company should pay you for) as well as the power you buy/import from the grid.

We will reimburse you for your meter change which will appear as a line item on your next power bill. Please send us a copy of this bill along with your bank account details so we can transfer these funds to you.

9. electrical inspection of your system

We will organise a third party, independent electrical inspection to sign-off our work.

10. your monitoring system

After a period of about 4-6 weeks, your solar monitoring (if this is included in your system) will be fully calibrated to your site. We will send you a tutorial video to show you how to navigate your monitoring platform and how to get the most out of your system

11. your system documentation

Once your system has been inspected and approved/signed off, we will send over your document pack, certificate of compliance, and record of inspection.

12. done, tell your friends and family!

You’re now part of the solar revolution and a valued member of the Lightforce whanau! But really, this is just the beginning. We’re here for you for the lifetime of your system, for decades to come, and only ever a phone call or an email away. 

We’ll be monitoring your system from our end too so if there are any issues, we will know about them as and when they happen.

If you tell your family and friends about Lightforce, we’ll reward you with $200 for every successful referral to say thank you.

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