About us

New Zealanders trust Lightforce Solar for their solar power because of the quality products and comprehensive service we offer.

We have in-house teams of solar experts throughout the country. Our nationwide footprint includes solar hubs and dedicated teams in Auckland, Kerikeri, Waikato, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Tauranga.

Solar plays a key role in New Zealand’s renewable energy future and we want to make solar easy and accessible for all Kiwis.

With Lightforce Solar, you’re supported by a fully in-house solar company with a team of passionate solar product experts and customer care specialists. We’ll help you through every stage of design, installation and operation.

Customer care team

This amazing team’s focus is to look after you from day one. They are here to help you for the life of your solar system.

Installation team

The electricians, technicians and installers who will be onsite at your property are all in-house Lightforce Solar experts, specifically trained and experienced in solar energy systems.

Solar advisor team

Our knowledgeable team of solar advisors will discuss your specific needs and energy use with you so we can design a system that’s perfect for you.

Residential + Commercial

Solar consultant team

You’ll have a thorough consultation with our in-house experts who will prepare a solution that’s going to work best for you at your home or business.


Our professional technical team will design a system that aligns with the goals you’ve set out to achieve..

Solar HQ

At our HQ this hard-working team keep the wheels turning on the daily operations at Lightforce Solar.

Leadership team

At the helm of our ship, this team is on a mission to deliver the best solar solutions and experience for customers across New Zealand.

With solar hubs across the country, you’ll be in our safe, expert hands wherever you are in New Zealand.