About us

Our ‘about us’ is really about you. We are fuelled by a collective of New Zealanders who are affordably generating their own electricity from the sun, helping to look after the planet and doing good for those in need. 

We want to create a lighter, brighter future. And to do that, we know it’s time to let the sun in. 

Like many of the world’s most successful businesses, we started off in rather humble surroundings: the living room of a shared flat in Auckland in 2013. Our founder Luke Nutting was an electrician who knew solar power would have an important role to play in NZ’s energy future, as it had done in many other countries, so he set out on a journey to help Kiwis harness the sun’s energy.

Our nationwide footprint includes solar hubs and dedicated teams in Auckland, Kerikeri, Waikato, Wellington, Nelson, and Christchurch and is coming soon to Tauranga.

We deliver world-class solar solutions to the residential, commercial and agricultural markets in the most environmentally responsible way possible. But we don’t just want to install panels and batteries. We have bigger goals. We’re also on a mission to become NZ’s largest rooftop generator and we believe that good energy can help create thriving communities.

We are committed to helping the communities we operate in, partnering with organisations that align with our goals and eliminating negative environmental impacts.

Our team is by far our greatest asset. When you choose Lightforce Solar, you’re choosing to work with a fully in-house team of pretty special humans.

Customer care team

You’ll definitely feel the love from this amazing team, here to look after you from day one.

Installation team

An incredible bunch of electricians, technicians and installers, seriously the best in the country.

Solar advisor team

Our knowledgeable team of solar advisors will ask you all the right questions so we can design a system that’s just right for you.

Residential + Commercial

Solar consultant team

These legends know solar and will design a solution that’s going to work hard for you.


Our professional technical team will design a system that will align with the goals you’ve set out to achieve.

Solar HQ

The central hub of our operations, these guys keep the wheels turning on the daily operations at Lightforce Solar.

Leadership team

At the helm of our ship, a team on a mission to do things differently, driving positive change from the inside out.

With solar hubs opening up all over the country, you can be in our safe, expert hands… wherever you are in NZ!

An illustration by Louise Rosenkrands presenting our vision of a Lighter, Brighter Future.