Finance your Solar for $0 upfront with green loans

Take the hassle out of financing your solar system with green home loans. With many banks offering competitive rates, you can enjoy the benefits of solar power without the upfront investment. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process and help you make the best decision for your home.

*80% average savings on your power bill

How can you Finance your Solar?

Switching to solar power not only reduces your reliance on the grid but also saves you money on rising energy costs. While the upfront investment used to be a hurdle for many, now you can easily fund your solar system with a green home loan from New Zealand’s top banks. With low or no interest rates, going solar is more affordable than ever.

Why finance a Solar System?


No Upfront Payments

Start saving on energy bills right away without the upfront cost.


Reduced Reliance on the Grid

Solar Systems generate clean, renewable energy, which means you rely less on traditional utility power. With energy costs rising every year, you will make substantial savings through reduced energy payments.


Increased Home Valuation

Many home buyers are looking for energy-efficient features. A productive solar system makes your property more attractive to potential buyers.


A Smart Investment

Solar Panels are low maintenance and have a long lifespan. As a result, your return on investment improves over time.

ANZ Good Energy Home Loan

1.00% P.A. fixed rate for 3 years, up to $80,000.

ANZ’s Good Energy Home Loan provides up to $80,000 for solar panel installations and other home improvements. Enjoy a fixed rate for 3 years, making your home eco-friendly and efficient. Eligibility criteria apply.

ASB Better Homes Top Up

Up to $80,000 for home improvements or EV purchase, 3-year fixed rate.

ASB Better Homes Top Up lets you borrow up to $80,000 for solar panels and home upgrades, fixed for 3 years. Make your home greener with ease. Minimum equity required, along with quotes for solar installations. Exclusions and conditions apply.

BNZ Green Home Loan Top-ups

Borrow up to $80,000 at a 1% p.a. fixed rate for eco-upgrades and EVs. Flexible terms.

BNZ Green Home Loan Top-Ups for Solar and Eco-Upgrades: Finance sustainable changes with up to $80,000 at 1% p.a. fixed rate for 3 years. Improve insulation, ventilation, heating, and go green with electric vehicles. Flexible terms after 3 years.

Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan

Up to $2,000 for renewable systems, waived top-up fee for existing home loan customers.

Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan: Unlock up to $2,000 over 4 years for solar and more. No top-up fee for existing customers. Embrace sustainable energy now.

Westpac Greater Choices Home Loan

Up to $50,000 interest-free for 5 years for a cozier, eco-friendly home.

Westpac Greater Choices Home Loan for Solar and Beyond
Elevate your home with up to $50,000 interest-free for 5 years. Enhance insulation, install solar panel, go green with electric transport. Flexibility and no establishment fees make it ideal for creating a more sustainable home and lifestyle.

Q Card Deals 

36 Months Interest Free*

Experience solar excellence with Lightforce Solar! Enjoy hassle-free financing on in-home and in-store purchases over $1000 with Qcard. Our dedicated in-house team ensures a smooth solar journey. Call 0800 537 6527 to embrace solar energy today!

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