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Empowering a lighter brighter future for our people and our planet

We are more than just installing solar

Commitments to making the right choices, taking conscious steps to continue to reduce or eliminate our negative impacts and driving positive change – not only in our own operations but in our supply chains and in the communities that we operate in.

We are committed to understanding the challenges individual communities around NZ face and how we, as a business and as people can positively impact and empower these communities towards a lighter, brighter future.

We do this through our product offerings, by working with charities we believe in, in our education programmes and workshops, and in our partnerships with like-minded businesses, brands, individuals and organisations.

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Empowering through education

Our Lightforce Academy is a purpose-built training facility, designed to provide the latest and most effective training for all our staff on the installation and operation of solar.

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Helping others help others

Gifting of solar systems to power charities and organisations doing amazing things in our communities means they can save on power, putting those funds to better use.

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Together is better

Together is always better. By working with partners who share in our collective vision of empowering a lighter, brighter future we can have even greater impact and further reach.

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Lessons from Papatuanuku

We have some very passionate and knowledgeable friends who love sharing ways of becoming more sustainable in our own backyards… We want to share some of that kaupapa with you.

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Lightforce Kaupapa – our mission

Keeping us honest

In addition to our community projects, we are also on a continual journey of improvement within our business operations. We partner with external organisation EKOS to measure and ensure we’re on a path to a lighter future.

We’re long-term members of the Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand and the Sustainable Business Network, and we measure and offset out emissions every year.

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