products we use

At Lightforce Solar, we exclusively incorporate proven and reliable products into our commercial solar solutions. All our products come with extensive warranties and are sourced from reputable, industry-leading manufacturers. Our commitment to innovation means that we continuously refine our product offering in line with industry advancements.

Explore the categories below to gain insight into the specific products that constitute a cutting-edge Lightforce Solar commercial solar system. It’s important to note that for commercial projects, the panels and commercial string inverters are recommended models tailored to the unique requirements of each job.

Please be aware that all product availability is subject to stock, property eligibility as assessed by our solar consultants, and these products are not available for individual sale. For tailored information about our commercial solar solutions, contact Lightforce Solar today.


Commercial solar panels

Converting sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity, built to last decades, the solar panel is the star of the show.

Commercial solar inverters

The solar inverter is the unsung hero of your home solar system. Inverters convert the DC electricity from the solar panels and convert it to AC (alternating current) for use in your home.

At Lightforce Solar, we have a large selection of inverters for all scenarios. Take a look, and ask our expert team any questions you may have.


Monitoring & Analytics

Powering your business from the sun? It’s reasonable to want to see how much power your panels are generating, and how your home uses energy.

Depending on the components of your system, Lightforce Solar has several monitoring and analytics options.


Our commitment

In addition to only using trusted products, and our extensive community projects, we are also on a continual journey of improvement within our business operations. We partner with external organisation EKOS to measure and ensure we’re on a path to a lighter future.

We’re long-term members of the Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand and the Sustainable Business Network, and we measure and offset our emissions every year.