Sustainable Solar Solutions for

Farming & Agribusiness.
Everything you need you know.

Can your farm or Agribusiness benefit from solar? The short answer is yes!

Why? With solar, you’re generating your own power, so you can save on power costs – and spend more on the other things your farm needs.

Plus, if you generate more power than you need, you can sell it back to your local retailer – potentially providing another source of income too.

Solar also means relying less on the national grid if failure strikes. No more feeling like you’re last in line for power to come back on. Just simple, clean energy from sunlight.

And it goes without saying that solar power’s lighter touch on the environment means a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Dairy Farms

Solar Solutions for Dairy Farms


Solar Power for Horticulture

Vine Growing

Solar Energy for Vineyards


Solar Systems for Flower Farms

Leading the solar energy revolution in NZ

How much can solar save you?

Solar energy is revolutionising dairy operations across New Zealand.

By employing solar power, dairy farmers can power:

• Milking sheds

• Hot Water dairy sheds

• Power irrigation pumps

• Operate electric fences

• Cool milk systems

• Charge batteries and power residential units.

Given the high energy demands for irrigation in horticulture, solar power systems are an ideal solution for New Zealand’s horticultural sector. 

By aligning solar installations with peak sunshine hours, horticulturalists can power:

• Irrigation Systems

• Greenhouse Heating & Ventilation

• Lighting

• Cooling Systems for Produce

• Storage

• Machinery

• Water Heating

For New Zealand’s viticulturists, solar power is not just about energy efficiency, it enhances the vineyard’s eco-friendly reputation among consumers. 

Solar Energy can power:

• Irrigation

• Vineyard Equipment

• Ventilation

• Winery Operations

• Temperature and Humidity Control

For New Zealand’s floriculturists, adopting solar power goes beyond energy savings, it significantly boosts the nursery’s eco-friendly reputation, crucial in an industry where consumers favour sustainable practices. 

Solar Energy can power and help with:

• Supplying Remote Electricity

• Supporting Water Pumping & Irrigation Systems

• Irrigation

• Greenhouse Equipment

• Ventilation

• Temperature and Humidity Control

Solar farm

If you have land and are interested in passive income exceeding 10% yield, contact us to explore opportunities to partner on a Solar Farm development.

With 25 years of guaranteed system performance, utility-scale Solar is a long-term and environmentally friendly investment that really stacks up.

With feasible blocks as small as one hectare, you can help ensure the future of New Zealand’s energy generation.

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Take the hassle out of financing your solar system with green home loans. With many banks offering competitive rates, you can enjoy the benefits of solar power without the upfront investment. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process and help you make the best decision for your home.