Our mission is to be Aotearoa’s biggest rooftop solar power generator!

Supplying power from the rooftops of families and businesses all over NZ, from Cape Reinga to Bluff!

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solar panels

I have solar panels on my roof

I don't have solar panels

Now you don’t have to have solar panels to join the solar movement! If you’re renting or not ready to commit to a solar system for your place, you can still use the sun’s energy to power your home!

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    solar panels

    I have solar panels on my roof

    I have solar panels on my roof

    We will pay you for your excess generation and provide you power when your solar system doesn’t generate as much as you need. Use solar even when you need to top up!

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      Lightforce Power is a sustainably-minded, solar-focussed power company…

      Brought to you by a bunch of super-passionate solar enthusiasts on a mission to drive positive change for our environment and for our communities.

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      an illustration by Louise Rosenkrands presenting our vision of a Lighter, Brighter Future.