by: Lightforce Solar
10 July 2023

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Why you need an independent solar inspection

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Grid-connected Solar Systems must comply with New Zealand electrical regulations, including the AS/NZS 3000, the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules. Solar panels must meet AS/NZS 5033 standards and must have IEC 61730 certification. The inverter of the Solar system must meet AS 4777.1 standards.

These regulations require two pairs of eyes to verify your system has been safely installed. The Electrician installing the system then produces a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) and an independent inspector who produces a Record of Inspection (RoI).

Is my Inverter AS 4777.1 standard?

Lightforce cannot install an inverter that isn’t up to NZ standards. This is regulated through the Distributed Generation (DG) application as the Lines company will verify whether the Inverter is certified or not.