by: Lightforce Solar
18 May 2023

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What happens in a power outage?

Interested in solar for your home or business?


Now you’ve found yourself in a power cut, and it’s not just someone switching off the lights, it’s a full power cut.

But you have a Solar system! What happens next?

Scenario 1: Grid-tied solar panel only system. You will not have power during a power cut.

The reason being is although there is still power being produced by the Solar Panels, the inverter in your system is built to protect anyone who may be working on the power lines. This then means that during a power cut the inverter will stop the energy from flowing through your home and potentially through the powerlines where a utility worker may be.


Scenario 2: Grid-tied solar system with a home battery without backup. You also will not have power due to a power cut.

The reason being is without backup circuits, you won’t see any power in your home. AC coupled batteries cannot function without a small amount of main power being provided to them. DC-coupled batteries may still charge themselves in an event of a power cut but again, without backup, they will not provide power to your home.


Scenario 3: Grid-tied system with a home battery and backup circuits. You will have power during a power cut.

DC-coupled batteries with backup will provide power to selected circuits in the event of a power cut. They can also charge themselves at the same time! AC-coupled batteries can provide backup if selected and some can charge as well (I.E the Tesla Power wall with Tesla gateway).

In having a Solar system with backup through a power cut, it’s important to remember that you will only have power as long as your battery has charge.


If you get a power cut in the morning, there is a good chance you are only working with a small amount of battery charge versus a power cut in the afternoon, where the battery will have more charge. The same goes if you have had beautiful sunny weather versus overcast, gloomy weather.

We are working with the sun after all!

Please note: Energizer battery not being self charging in the event of a power outage.

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