by: Lightforce Solar
18 May 2023

Lightforce solar knowledge base

Looking after your new solar system


We understand that system maintenance is a high priority to most Lightforce customers. Thankfully, solar is low maintenance!


Solar Panel maintenance:

The question that tops all is panel cleaning! Our PV panel suppliers recommend a 4-degree tilt when installing. This helps with water runoff and clearing debris. As long as your panels are getting wet regularly, you don’t need to worry.


Otherwise, if you have access, use a long-handled, soft & non-abrasive brush to remove any grime.


Electrical maintenance:

Every year it pays to have a quick check around the wiring associated with the Solar system installation. If the integrity of the cable entrance and/or conduit sealing appears compromised, then further inspection by a Solar electrician may be required.


System performance maintenance:

The only other big competitor with a Solar system is lack of sunlight. Ensure there is no debris on your roof around the PV panels, or that any surrounding trees are blocking the sunlight. It’s important with a string inverter as one panel’s low performance will impact the other panels tied with it.