by: Lightforce Solar
11 July 2023

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How to use your Theben hot water timer

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Time stamps:

00:00 – Introduction.

00:04 – Resetting the time of day on the timer.

00:22 – Setting the timer restrictions.

00:32 – The three settings of the hot water timer.

00:49 – Outro

The blue teeth of Theben hot water timers dictate the time of day when you will have hot water. When pushed to the right-hand side, the hot water timer is on, and you will have access to hot water. When the teeth are pushed to the left, you will not have hot water. 

There are further settings down the bottom right-hand side of the Theben timer that state “Off”, “Clock” and “On”. When the timer is set to “Off”, there will be no hot water at any time of day. When switched to “On” you will have access to hot water every minute of the day. When switched to “Clock”, you will have hot water according to the times that the timer dictates.

The Theben hot water timer only operates when it has power to it. If you have recently had a power cut or daylight savings then you will need to double-check that the time in the timer is accurate to the current time of day and switch accordingly. To see what time of day the timer thinks it is, check what number the little white arrow is pointing to at the bottom right-hand side of the dial above the three main settings. To change the time, simply wind the clock upwards until you reach the time wanted.