by: Lightforce Solar
10 July 2023

Lightforce solar knowledge base

How to reconnect your GivEnergy inverter to WiFi

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00:01 – “If you have a GivEnergy battery that has dropped out of wifi connection, these are the steps to reconnect.”

00:07 – “So first of all, if you are using a desktop computer, then you’ll need to remove the USB from the bottom of your inverter, and plug it into the desktop computer.”

00:19 – “However, if you’re on a laptop or a smartphone you don’t need to disconnect the USB. A really helpful tip for reconnecting the wifi on any of these inverters or batteries is to forget your network and not let it connect back automatically”

00:53 – “So step number one is you access your Wi-Fi settings and select the Wi-Fi network that matches the dongle serial number and select connect when it is visible. Ensure connect automatically is ticked.”

01:07 – “Step two, open Google Chrome. So that is whether you’re on a smartphone or an Android or an Apple phone or a laptop or even a desktop computer. Use Google Chrome as it is the best browser for this whole process. Now type:

01:33 – “When prompted, you enter username admin password admin.”

01:37: – “The next step step three you’re going to select STA mode and click apply and then when you go into STA interface setting on step four, you click the search button.”

01:50 – “Now this search is to find your original Wi-Fi home network, So you select your Wi-Fi network and click apply. Click refresh If your network doesn’t appear.”

02:07 – “If you’re having any further trouble than that, please do get in contact with us as the signal strength for your Wi-Fi needs to be at least 50% for a reliable signal.”

02:25 – “Going onto step six, you’re going to put your password into the passphrase box and hit apply. Now select the Ap Interface setting. Select WPA2-PSK, in the dropdown menu and put that in security mode”

02:50 – “And on step number eight, choose a password. The inverter serial number is the recommended password and hit apply.

02:59 – “Lastly, you select device management and hit restart. To know that your dongle is working, it will have a solid green light. If it is flashing, that means it is still trying to connect. So that’s something to keep in mind to be patient with that technology.”