by: Lightforce Solar
11 July 2023

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How to best utilise your Energizer Homepower solar monitoring

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The video above covers basic data reading, how to create a reserve capacity on your Energizer Homepower battery and how to manually charge your battery from the national grid.

To set up your app, you need to create an account first, then attach your battery to the account itself.

Best places to find data on the Energizer Homepower app

On the dashboard, you can swipe across from right to left to see different single-day breakdowns of energy usage onsite. Using the calendar icon at the top right-hand side of the screen you can toggle the exact day you want to check out.

The best tab to see a breakdown of energy usage on your site is the “Power Diagram”, you can find this page under the burger menu located on the top right or left-hand side of the screen depending on what phone you have.

With the power diagram you can toggle all the different types of energy in your household eg. PV generation, PV consumption, battery charging, and grid export… keeping in mind this will give you an overview of the phase that your battery is attached to. You can use the calendar icon again to toggle the date you want to check out.

As Energizer Homepower batteries are single-phase batteries, if you have multiple phases in your home then it won’t give you the overall view of energy usage in your home.

How to set a reserve capacity on the Energizer Homepower app

A battery is only as good as its amount of charge so if you get hit with a power cut and your battery has nothing in it – you’re going to get caught out! The most frequent example of this is when a power cut hits in the morning during winter as most batteries are drained of power.

Let’s show you how to save yourself in this instance!

  1. Click the burger menu on the top right or left-hand side of the app (depending on what phone you’re on) and select “Settings” – “Reserve Limit”
  2. There are two reserve limits listed – “On-Grid” and “Off-Grid” (a power cut). The percentage toggled under these headings is the lowest amount of energy the battery will discharge under these states of connectivity. The difference in these percentages will be how much reserve power you have in the event of a power cut.
    1. Keep the reserve limit of 5% on the “Off-Grid” toggle however, we would suggest moving the “On-Grid” toggle to 20-25% depending on how big your backup circuits are. This will give you 15-20% reserve capacity in the event of a power cut.
    2. This also means that when the national grid is performing as it should be, the battery will only discharge down to 20-25%. So it’s best to decide what you’re priorities are, is it backup in a power cut? or backup every day with risks of power cuts?
  3. Select save and then you’re good to go!

How to manually charge from the national grid on the Energizer Homepower app

Manual mode on the Energizer Homepower app allows you to dictate when your home battery charges from the national grid and when it will charge from the solar system.

You may want to set this up during the winter time when the battery is less likely to charge to 100% capacity or perhaps if your energy provider has options like a free hour of power.

  1. Click the burger menu on the top right or left-hand side of the app (depending on what phone you’re on) and select “Settings” – “Application mode”
  2. Select “Manual Mode” which means you as the user define when the battery takes its energy charge from the solar system, and when it takes charge from the national grid.
  3. Select the day of the week you want, toggle the time of day that you want to charge from the national grid, and make sure the charging power is up to 100%. With the Energizer app, you need to do this manually for each day of the week if you want it to repeat.
  4. Hit save once everything is inputted and you’ll be ready to go!