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a brighter future together

together is better

Empowering a lighter brighter future together is always better. Working with partners that share in our collective vision – of a better future for our people and our planet – we can have far greater reach and bigger impact by building it together.

Through our schools programmes for tamariki, with partners like Kelmarna Organic Farms, we’re empowering the next generation through immersive and engaging learning experiences. These programme workshops, covering a range of subject matters, are brought to life in the incredibly rich and engaging environment that the Klemanrna Organic Farm offers.

Glenavon students with a basket of picked veges

Lightforce x Kelmarna Schools Programme : Glenavon School

Our natural environment provides an incredibly rich learning environment, teaching us how to live better and more sustainable lives. Accessing the knowledge and teachings of some of our “green” partners, we aim to better understand how we can live in harmony with nature, while eating and living well. Here’s a place for us to share those learnings with you.

Glenavon school logo

Glenavon School

As part of our vision of empowering a lighter, brighter future we think it’s super important for all tamariki to have the opportunity to engage with nature, to learn some important lessons about regenerative food systems, to learn about the seasons and all sorts of different topics that can be brought to life in the incredible space Kelmarna has to offer.
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Students learning gardening
Students learning gardening

Light Friday – Lightforce x Nature Baby

This Black Friday, we decided to do things a little differently. We turned it into Light Friday and used the occasion to give back to the environment and our community. Nature Baby’s new, Lightforce solar system was activated, and all profits from the store went to ‘For the Love of Bees’. There was also a market outside with local, ethical products.

three images of people outside and around the nature baby store and a lightforce solar installer installing panels
Lightforce x naturebaby 100% for the planet poster and image of nature baby roof

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