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Solar Panel Maintenance – Tips for Longevity

by: Lightforce Solar
4 January 2024
If you’re thinking about switching to solar or want to learn more about solar panel maintenance, we’ve got some practical tips. Read our guide here. continue reading below...
Solar panel maintenance - top view of a home’s roof-mounted solar panels

Maintenance Tips to Make Solar Panels Last

If you’re thinking about switching to solar power, or you’ve already done so and want to know more about solar panel maintenance, we’ve got some practical tips.

This article will offer guidance around what to do and how often, as well as an overview of the benefits you’ll see with regular solar panel maintenance. There are a couple of things that you can do yourself, along with a few reasons to turn to the professionals.


Practical Tips for Solar Panel Care and Maintenance

One of the great things about a commercial or home solar system is that the solar panels require very little maintenance. They are designed to be outside and to withstand normal weather conditions.

Looking after your solar panels to maximise their longevity comes down to two simple requirements – keeping them clean and keeping them clear of obstructions.

Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Solar panels work best when they’re clean and clear from excessive dirt and debris. If you can safely access them, all you need is a soft brush and water. Turn off the power to your panels, spray them with a hose, and wipe with a long-handled, soft brush.

Trimming Overhanging Plants and Trees

During our early consultation and design process, we will discuss with you the part of your roof best suited for maximum sun exposure. Over time, however, you may have trees that grow and hang over your property.

Part of the maintenance required, then, is to ensure that you trim any plants or vegetation growing on your property or near your roof as needed so that they don’t interfere with your solar panels.


Why Solar Panel Maintenance is Important

Looking after your solar energy system with regular maintenance will help ensure it works as efficiently as possible and lasts as long as it’s designed to. Regular solar panel maintenance will help deliver a few clear benefits.

Enhanced Energy Generation

Adequate maintenance guarantees that your solar panels operate at their maximum efficiency. Solar panels will generate more electricity when they are clean and well maintained, helping to reduce your energy expenses and optimising your return on investment.

Prolonged Lifespan

Solar panels are designed to endure for many decades. Regular maintenance of your solar panels will extend the life of the entire solar energy system, contributing to the cost-effectiveness of your initial investment.


Frequency of Solar Panel Maintenance

The frequency of solar panel maintenance required will vary depending on local environmental conditions and the type of solar panel installation. Here are some general guidelines:


It’s advisable to clean your solar panels at least once or twice a year to keep them free of excess dust, dirt, and debris that may affect their efficiency. If you are situated near a rural dirt road or a lot of trees, however, you may need to clean them a few times a year.

Seasonal cleaning is also a good idea in regions that experience significant seasonal changes. For example, cleaning in the Spring and Autumn will remove heavy pollen or leaf fall from your solar panels and help ensure optimal performance.

We can discuss this with you when we design and install your solar energy system.

Professional Inspection and Maintenance

If you have any concerns about how your solar energy system is performing, feel free to contact us. Otherwise, you shouldn’t need to schedule a professional inspection or maintenance more than once a year. It may even be less frequent than this, depending on the size of your solar panel system and the conditions surrounding your property.

Remember that local conditions, such as air quality, weather patterns, and nearby trees, can impact the frequency of maintenance needed. There will be manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific solar panel system, and the NZ team at Lightforce Solar will provide you with professional guidance for your particular set-up.

We’re happy to discuss this in more detail once we know more about your property, location and energy needs.

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