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How to Choose the Right Solar Installer

by: Lightforce Solar
11 March 2024
Solar panels are long-term investments. Finding the right solar installer is crucial to ensure the longevity of your system. Here’s what you need to consider. continue reading below...

Interested in solar for your home or business?

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability and environmental conservation, the adoption of solar panels has become paramount. With its abundant sunlight and commitment to renewable energy, New Zealand is the ideal location for harnessing the sun’s power.

However, with numerous solar installers vying for attention, selecting the right one can be daunting. Fear not; we are here to guide you through the essential considerations to ensure you choose the best solar panel installation company that aligns with your energy needs and sustainability goals.

Experience and Expertise

Opting for a solar company with extensive experience and expertise is vital. When researching different companies, check how long they have been in business and how many installations they have completed. Seasoned companies possess the knowledge and skills to design and install bespoke solar systems tailored precisely for your property and your energy requirements.

Reputation and Reviews

The reputation of a solar company speaks volumes about its reliability, service quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We recommend checking Google reviews and solar review websites to gauge an idea of review patterns and trends. Sometimes, local community boards or social media groups also have discussions and recommendations about solar providers in your area.

Product Quality and Warranty

Make sure your chosen solar installer offers high-quality products from reputable manufacturers. Investing in top-tier solar panels and inverters is essential for durability and sustained performance. These products should also be backed by robust warranties covering equipment and workmanship. This will give you peace of mind for years to come, knowing that any issues or defects will be taken care of without any additional cost.

Here at Lightforce Solar, we offer a series of warranties to safeguard you from any potential issues with your solar system. Our warranties include a 10-year workmanship guarantee, a 30-year performance warranty, and a 25-year solar panel warranty. With these warranties, you can rest easy knowing your solar investment is secure for years to come.

Pricing and Financing Options

Staying informed about the latest pricing trends and financing options is important for anyone considering a solar installation. Solar pricing has experienced sharp declines in the past making solar energy more accessible to homeowners and businesses. Solar financing options, including green home loans from leading New Zealand banks, are also available to make solar installation more financially viable. Lightforce Solar have a comprehensive design and consultation process to ensure you get the best deal and maximise your return on investment.

How to choose the right solar installer - A man on a roof installing a solar panel

Customer Service and Support

Your chosen solar installer should offer comprehensive customer service and ongoing support. The best solar companies are there for you throughout the lifespan of your solar system, from answering your initial questions to providing regular monitoring, maintenance and customer care. This level of support ensures that your system is operating at maximum efficiency and that any issues are resolved quickly.

Environmental Credentials

Consider the environmental credentials of the solar company, including its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Look for certifications or affiliations with green energy organisations, indicating their dedication to reducing carbon footprints and promoting renewable energy initiatives.

Lightforce Solar is a member of both the Sustainable Business Network and the Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand. We are helping turn New Zealand towards a greener future through a continued commitment to sustainability.

Ready to Embrace Solar Power?

Make the conscientious choice for a sustainable future by selecting the best solar installer that aligns with your values and energy needs.

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right solar energy company and give Lightforce Solar a ring. We provide solar solutions for residential and commercial properties tailored to your unique requirements. Join the renewable revolution today.

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