by: Lightforce Solar
11 July 2023

Lightforce solar knowledge base

How to restart an Energizer Homepower battery

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Turn off the Battery

  1. Turn off any circuits connected to the backup of the battery – Turn off the ‘UPS Supply Main Switch’ (if applicable)
  2. Turn off the Battery AC isolator located adjacent to the battery
  3. Open the grey flap on the battery and turn off the DC Isolator switch (down position)
  4. Wait until all the lights on the battery have turned off

Turn on the Battery

  1. Turn on the Battery AC isolator
  2. Turn on the DC isolator switch located under the grey flap (up position)
  3. Press and hold the on/off button until you hear 3 short beeps – if you hear a single long beep the battery has turned off.
  4. Turn on the ‘UPS Supply Main Switch’ located in the switchboard (if applicable)