it’s time to let the sun in


Edible Canterbury!

After engaging the Canterbury community to help us choose a deserving local charity, we’ve settled on Edible Canterbury as the latest recipient of our gift of a $30k solar system.


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As part of our commitment to communities around NZ, we pledge to gift solar systems to charities, organisations and community groups so they can free up funds that might have otherwise been spent on power, to be redirected to areas where they can make a real difference

it’s time to let the sun in

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a lighter, brighter future

At Lightforce, our vision is to empower a lighter, brighter future for the whole of Aotearoa.

Lighter in terms of the footprint we have on the environment. And brighter in terms of the impact we have in our communities.

As leaders of New Zealand’s solar energy revolution, we’re creating a lighter, brighter future by harnessing the cleanest, greenest, most cost-effective renewable we’ve got – the sun.

By simply putting solar panels on the roofs of homes, businesses and farms up and down New Zealand, we can power our lives for the better using the sun’s energy. Pretty neat, huh?

The more of us that let the sun in, the more balance we restore in nature. And just as the land will come alive with the birds, the bees, and more vibrant shades of green; the coral reefs in the oceans will regenerate, and fish will thrive.

But our vision for a lighter, brighter future is also about you and me, and how we connect today to create a better tomorrow.

So, by working with iwi and education providers, our Lightforce Solar Training Academy creates opportunities for young people to get into the solar industry.

By partnering with local businesses and organisations, our community workshops and events about food, nutrition and sustainability educate kids and adults, so we can create healthier outcomes for ourselves, our families and our planet. And by gifting solar solutions to charities, we enable them to free up funds so they can focus on what they do best – making a real difference.

With the oil industry predicted to collapse by 2030, a lighter, brighter, carbon-free future is closer than we think.

But the decisions we make today will create the world our tamariki and mokopuna will inherit tomorrow.

So there’s never been a better time to let the sun in.

Lightforce Lighter Brighter Future Wide

an illustration by Louise Rosenkrands presenting our vision of a lighter, brighter future.