by: Lightforce
11 July 2023

Lightforce solar knowledge base

Sungrow – How to schedule force charge times

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Setting Charge Times

Open the iSolarCloud App:

  1. Click “Device” on the menu at the top then click “Energy Storage System”.
  2. Scroll along the menu at the top and click “Settings” then Click “Energy Management Parameters
  3. Click “Forced Charging” then “Enable”.
  4. Set “Forced Charging Valid Day” depending on if you want the battery to charge every day or just on weekdays.
  5. Set the start and end times.
  6. Set the target SOC (how much you want the battery to charge).
  7. Click “Apply Settings” then click “Confirm”.
  8. Click “Confirm” again.

Checking Current Settings

  1. If you want to check the inverter’s current settings return to the Settings menu and click “Query Parameters”.
  2. Click “Confirm”.
  3. Select “Energy Management Parameters” – the read-back value (current set value) will be displayed (this may take 30s)