by: Kieran Ruffell
4 April 2024

Lightforce solar knowledge base

Set Sungrow Reserve Capacity

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Setting a reserve on your Sungrow battery will ensure that there will always be energy in the battery in case of a power outage. The amount of battery capacity you leave in reserve will depend on the loads in your home that will run during an outage, the size of the battery you have installed, and the importance of having backup power during an outage. Follow the steps below to set the reserve capacity using the iSolarCloud app.

Step 1: Open the iSolarCloud app and select the menu on the top right

Sungrow reserve capacity (1)

Step 2: Tap Devices 

Step 3: Select the inverter, normally labelled as Energy Storage System

Sungrow reserve capacity (2)

Step 4: Scroll across the menu at the top and select Settings, then on the settings page select Power Control

Sungrow reserve capacity (3)

Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Backup Mode, then enable Backup Mode 

Sungrow reserve capacity (4)

Step 6: Reserved Battery SOC for Off-Grid should now have appeared below Backup Mode, select this and enter the % value you would like to remain in the battery for use in a power outage.  

Sungrow reserve capacity (6)

Step 7: Select “Apply Setting” and select Confirm on the next two screens.