"Our farm is powered by the sun"

James Hill Goat Dairy Farm, Whatawhata.

"Our home is powered by the sun"

Elke Chillwell – Grey Lynn, Auckland .

Our safe hands solar journeys as told by our customers

"We wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and that was the main driver"

Peter & Kathy Jamieson

System specs:

  • 29 panels (11,17 kW)
  • EV Charger

"I understood that I didn’t want to lease, I wanted to own my panels so that’s why we went with Lightforce."

Christian Newman
Point Wells, Auckland

System specs:

  • 26 panels (10,1kW)
  • 2 batteries (12.8kWh)
lovefromyourdad solar panel

"An electrical engineering friend of mine had recommended lightforce to me. I particularly like the attention to detail that went into installing this system."

Andrew & Nicola MacPherson
Te Awamutu

System specs:

  • 36 panels (13,5kW)
  • 1 batteries (12.2kWh)
  • EV charger

"The savings have been more than what we thought they would be, it’s one of the best things we have ever done."

Elke Chillwell
Grey Lynn, Auckland

System specs:

  • 21 panels (6.3kW)
  • 2 batteries (16.4kWh)

"If the main grid fails, we’ve still got power, still got freezers full of cold food."

Donna + Derek
Takanini, Auckland

System specs:

  • 28 panels (8.48kW)
  • 2 batteries (16.4kWh)

"At the end of the day, having a return on investment of 15%, its a lot better than you can do at the banks."

James Hill Goat Dairy Farm

System specs:

  • 138 panels (37.95kW)