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Embrace sustainable energy with our industry-leading solar panels. Our Lightforce Solar Wellington hub offers world-class solar solutions that harness the abundant sunshine in the nation’s capital.

We prioritise eco-friendly practices, contributing to a cleaner and greener city. Let us provide a sustainable, cost-effective energy alternative for your home or business.

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9 Gear Street, Petone, Lower Hutt, Wellington 5012


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9:00 am – 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday (Excludes public holidays)

Frequently asked questions

Lightforce Solar Wellington offers a free, no-obligation quote. Get in touch so we can match the best solar solution to your specific energy needs.

How do I know if solar is right for me?

Wellington receives a substantial amount of sunlight, especially during summer, making solar power a highly favourable choice for households in the city. However, suitability depends on factors like your roof orientation and specific energy needs. The best way to know if solar is suitable for your property is to consult with one of our solar professionals in the region.

Is it worth getting solar panels in Wellington?

Installing solar panels in Wellington can be a valuable investment. Based on a New Zealand export rate of 8 cents/kwh, a Wellington household with an average consumption will save at least $1,000 or more in its first year if it uses 80% solar. Therefore, you’re likely to see a return on your investment due to the ongoing savings that offset the initial costs of installing solar panels.

Are solar panels effective during winter?

Solar panels are well known for their year-round effectiveness. So, yes, solar panels still work and are effective during winter. They absorb energy from the sun’s light rather than the sun’s heat. Even in the autumn and winter months, when there is little wind, only reduced sunlight hours will impact the solar panels’ performance. 

How do you install solar panels in Wellington?

Our Wellington team consists of skilled solar installers, technicians, and electricians with the best industry training. The team will meticulously assess your location and set you up with the perfect system for your property, ensuring your safety throughout the process.

“I can look at the app when I’m at golf, when I’m at rugby or even when I’m at work and I can see at any stage how much power I’m generating.”

– Mark Fairmaid, Wellinton

Why Choose Lightforce Solar?


Bespoke Solar solutions to suit your requirements


10-year Workmanship Guarantee


25-30 Years Panels Warranty


Trusted installers of solar for 10+ years

We are a passionate solar power company focused on sustainability.

We have solar hubs all over the country, so you can be looked after by our expert, in-house teams no matter where you are in NZ.

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