All Lightforce solar systems come with some form of monitoring. The type of monitoring depends on the inverter purchased, the brand, and whether or not you have a battery. The difference is that some solutions only monitor solar production, others can measure performance, and the consumption profile of your home. 

All our monitoring solutions are web-based and can be accessed via their providers online portals and/or apps.

Our team can explain these differences in greater detail when providing a free quote.

Monitoring platforms / Portals

GoodWe SEMs portal

Monitoring platform

Compatible with all our GoodWe inverters, the SEMs portal can perform both solar monitoring, and consumption monitoring if you have the compatible GoodWe Homekit smart meter.

Displaying all of your solar and home electricity use in an informative format that will satisfy the data hungry. SEMs is available via your web browser and mobile devices. 

  • Realtime Reporting
  • Customizable downtime alarm
  • Access anywhere
  • Cost free

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Lightforce SEMs App
Lightforce Trina Vertex S Solar Panels All Black

Solar analytics

Monitoring platform

The Solar analytics monitoring platform comes included with Lightforce’s Sungrow Hybrid inverters for battery monitoring. 

Solar analytics connects via 4g so is an option we can look at when WiFi does not reach your inverter. 


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Monitoring platform

iSolarCloud is a solar monitoring system developed by Sungrow and comes with all our Sungrow Hybrid inverters. Intuitive and easy to use.

  • Web portal & APP
  • Production & Consumption monitoring
  • detailed reports & graphs
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enphase enlighten

Enphase Enlighten

Monitoring platform

All Lightforce Enphase systems come with an Envoy (hardware) and Enphase enlightening monitoring. An all in one platform for monitoring, reporting on, and controlling your solar system and homes energy. 

  • Panel level detail
  • Custom reporting
  • Access anywhere / online portal & apps


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Smart meters & Consumption monitoring hardware

GoodWe Homekit smartmeters

HK1000, HK3000, GM3000

GoodWe HomeKit is a solution designed to monitor load energy consumption in real time, 24 hours a day. HomeKit is tailored to homeowners’ needs and only requires an internet connection.

Consisting of a smart meter, and a WiFi communication module, the GoodWe HomeKit can be applied to grid-connected systems with inverters of any brand or even systems without PV (solar). 

  • 60 second update frequency
  • SEMs Portal
  • Home WiFi connection
  • Export limiting
  • 1-3 phase options
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Goodwe Homekit

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