Drive on sunshine and earn Airpoints Dollars™ with Lightforce Solar

Introducing zappi, the world’s first Solar compatible EV charger.

Earn 5x Airpoints Dollars™ until 26th May.  

Install a EV charger at your place

Ready to charge your electric car like a pro?

Meet zappi, the ultimate smart EV charger that uses 100% green energy from your solar panels or wind turbine.

  • How it works 100% 100%

Zappi connects with your PV system, automatically selecting power from the panels or the grid based on your settings, ensuring optimal use of your green energy.

Back up with grid

The world’s first solar compatible EV charger, zappi allows you to rely on renewable energy, with the grid as a backup.

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Three charging modes

Charge with standard ECO or power up with ECO+ and FAST.

Tether or untethered

Choose from a tethered 6.5m cable and hard-wired plug or untethered socket, compatible with your own charging cable.

Electric vehicle (EV) ownership is growing exponentially. Don’t get left behind, join the electric revolution!

At Lightforce Solar, we empower you to embrace changing times and become part of a sustainable future. Our line-up of solar EV chargers enables you to fuel your electric vehicles with clean, renewable energy, actively shaping a greener tomorrow for transportation. Contact us today to arrange your solar EV charger installation.

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