Solar EV chargers & installation

We’re on the cusp of energy revolution a carbon free economy where electricity fuels everything.

Internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle ownership is now dropping for the first time in history.

Electric vehicle (EV) ownership is growing exponentially. Don’t get left behind, join the electric revolution!

At Lightforce, we empower you to embrace changing times and become part of a sustainable future. Our line-up of solar EV chargers enables you to fuel your electric vehicles with clean, renewable energy, actively shaping a greener tomorrow for transportation. Contact us today to arrange your solar EV charger installation.

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Home EV chargers

Evnex EV chargers are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and are compatible with every electric vehicle.

2 speed options
· Standard charging – 7.4kW single phase
· Fast charging – 22kW three phase

Lightforce solar EV charger installation
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