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Does solar increase the value of my home?

by: Lightforce Solar
5 May 2023
-Solar power is a forward-thinking approach to powering your home, and it can increase your home's value while reducing energy bills. Research shows that homes with solar systems are on the market for a shorter period, indicating they are more… continue reading below...

Interested in solar for your home or business?

Solar is a smart way to future proof your home and it’s something that potential home buyers are prepared to pay more for in many countries including Aotearoa. Installing a solar system is a forward-thinking approach and while many homeowners are interested in powering their home with solar, fewer are prepared to do the research and invest in making it happen. So, having a pre-installed solar system on a home is a bonus for any buyer and that’s aside from knowing that the cost of running the home is cheaper with lower electricity bills.

How much can a solar system boost the value of your property?

There is research in the US, where the market is more established, that the having solar on your home could increase the market value of your home when it comes to selling – references below*.

Not only that, but some of the same research indicates that homes with solar are on market for a shorter length of time, indication that having solar and eco-friendly features makes your home more appealing to potential buyers.

The ROI on solar means that even if you’re not thinking of selling your home, you’re still saving money every month on your power bill for as long as you live there. With power prices continuing to rise in Aotearoa New Zealand, those savings will only increase over time and you’re also using home-made, renewable energy that you and your family can feel good about.



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