Thanks for attending our “Everything you need to know about getting solar for your home” seminar live stream.


If you encountered any streaming issues during this event, we will issue a recorded version in the coming days.

Meet your hosts

In this event your hosts will unpack how solar works, and what going solar means for your home, family, or business.

Your consultant Jordan, will demonstrate live how we design a custom system, incorporating the unique needs of your home and your goals.

While headlines are filled with stories about the ‘rising cost of living’ and the ‘escalating energy prices’ around the world, there has never been a better time to go solar than now.  That’s why we’re harnessing the greatest power that exists, the sun, so you can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy powering your home.

Luke Nutting

Lightforce Founder & GM

Kat Rundle

Lightforce Co-Founder CXO

Jordan Long

Lightforce Senior Solar Consultant